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alterations & repairs

Our On-Site Workshop

the Perfect Fit

A fitted wedding ring or “shaped to fit” ring is designed to follow the shape of your engagement ring, swerving around the curves and meandering around your gemstones. The result will be a perfect fit, more elegant, comfortable, and eliminating gaps between rings.

By using the state of the art laser scanning technology we are able to create a digital image of your engagement ring allowing us to the use 3D CAD software to create your perfect shaped to fit wedding ring.

Schedule an appointment to have your engagement ring scanned and begin the shaped to fit ring process at Anupam Jewellers

repairs & restoration

jewellery repairs

At Anupam Jewellers, we have a full jewellery repair workshop ready to serve any of your jewellery repair needs. Not only do we turn around our services in a fast and professional manner, but we also guarantee your satisfaction.

Our repair workshop offers a full range of jewellery services such as the following:

  • Catches replaced
  • Chain repairs
  • Stone setting and precious and semi precious stones
  • Jewellery cleaning
  • Re-rhodium White Gold
  • Ring sizing and resize

personalised jewellery


There are so many occasions and milestones when an inscription can personalise your jewellery and make a piece uniquely yours.

Customised engraving adds sentimental value and a personal touch. By using the latest laser technologies, we are able to engrave intricate and complex designs that would otherwise not be possible.

We are also able to undertake more traditional hand engraving and seal engraving.

Diamond and Gem stone replacement

The loss of a diamond or gemstone in your jewellery can be distressing. We offer a service where we colour match your diamond or gemstones, and together we will choose the perfect loose stone option so that you would never know it has been replaced.

Recycle or remodel broken jewellery

If you have broken pieces of jewellery such as chains and bracelets that are no longer being worn we can use these pieces in the jewellery redesign. We will melt down precious metals, which can be more cost-effective than buying new therefore allowing you to retain the sentimental value of a piece of jewellery. We can create something truly unique from unwanted and unworn items, please get in touch.

What else can we do?

additional services

Watch Repairs

Our workshop also offers a full range of watch services such as the following:

  • Watch battery replacement (including lithium batteries)
  • Watch band sizing and new straps fitted
  • Complete internal movement overhauls
  • Replacements of gaskets, seals, and silicone
  • Crown and stem replacements
  • Watch pin, spring bar replacements & new clasps
  • Mineral glass and plastic crystal replacements
  • Dial and hands restorations


Anupam Jewellers offers Independent Jewellery Valuation services of Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA FJVA PJValDip PJGemDip.

Our fees are structured on the number of items and work involved rather than the actual value of your jewellery. If required, we are able to group items of lower value together ensuring you have a complete inventory of your jewellery without unnecessary expense.

We believe this to be fairer and more ethical which, in the majority of cases, has the added benefit of knowing exactly what your valuation will cost from the outset.


Over time the threads used to string pearls wear down and begin to fray and break. Anupam Jewellers will restring your pearls with knots between each pearl adding years of life to your pearl and bead strands.

Anupam Jewellers are also able to alter the length of the strands and provide replacement catches.